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Design Process

Step 1 :

The designers are assigned to the project.

Step 2 :

The design brief is filled in detail by the customer.

Step 3 :

The design present the initial design.

Step 4 :

Revision to the design are made according to the customer's feedback.

Step 5 :

The designs are finalized according to the customer's satisfaction.

Step 6 :

The designs are delivered to the customer upon their approval.

Our Creative Work

Choose The Web Design That Fits Your Business

Choose The Web Design That Fits Your Business

Your website design depends heavily on the nature of your business and what market offerings you are providing to your audience. Our web designers are proficient in all types of web designs. Just select the one that fits your business.

We create a homepage that is user friendly and responsive, so that your customers can view it on all devices.
Your homepage is the window to your company, and we make it appealing so that the customer wants to know more.
Customers are attracted to designs which they can relate to, so we use the right color, fonts, and content to make it happen.
Each business has a different requirement when it comes to building homepages. We make sure you reach the right audience.
If your website is under development, we can still advertise you to the world by using a landing page.
A landing page is a good medium to generate leads or traffic for the launch of your upcoming website or business.
Many businesses use landing pages to generate traffic and market their product before its launch. We can help you do this.
It is always smart to link your landing page to your social media accounts to generate more traffic. Learn how we can help you gain traction.
Running your own blog is not difficult at all, especially when we deliver a custom blogging platform that you can manage on your own.
Your blogs may be good, but you will need to market them well, and that’s where we come in.
We provide you a user friendly and responsive blog layout which you can use on multiple devices.
We add customized features to your blog website to attract more and more people, and also for you to manage it better.
We help you sell your goods or products on the internet by designing your very own shop or business.
We use the latest design trends to ensure that it catches the customers’ attention and also compel them to take an action.
We create various designs for the shop and help you decide which one you like the most and wish to use in your website.
We have your ROI in mind when we create a magnificent shop layout for you, and we ensure that it is worth every penny.
We help you list your products with immaculate style, while maintaining efficiency and ease of use.
A well-defined product listing is the first step towards gaining customer satisfaction and ensuring sales.
We design and create product listings which look good on all screens and platforms, and can be resized as well.
A well-designed and detailed product listing can also be used to link the products to search engines, thus gaining more traction.
Our Creative Work

Professional & User-Centric Website Designs

Professional & User-Centric Website Designs

We know how to create websites that convert.

Our Reasonable Prices

Pricing & Packages For Businesses Of All Sizes

Pricing & Packages For Businesses Of All Sizes

With our smart pricing and branding packages, we assure you to get design and development services that focuses on creating high return on investment. Our pricing and combo packages are budget-friendly and tailored enough to meet your business needs accordingly with unique approach to design.

Our Work Flow

Web Design Process

Web Design Process

Our web design process is of three simple steps that are essentially required to create a professional business website. With our team of professional web developers, you can have user-centric websites that make your audience engaged with your brand.



We first research about your brand goals to create a tailored website for you that boosts conversions.



Based on your defined marketing goals, we develop your website with attractive visuals and designs.



Once we're done finalizing the website layout, the final files will be delivered to you for your approval.

What We Do?

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Design Hours is the cutting-edge digital agency that has a proven track record of success in delivering high-tech branding solutions to businesses globally.

Projects Done

We’ve completed 570+ projects.



Design Hours earned prestigious awards.


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We’re dealing with 200+ clients.


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Design Hours has high rate of success.


Our Experience

Designed 300+ Logos And Branding Solutions


At Design Hours, we are serving top-tier businesses with creative brand development solutions that enable them to outperform their brand. With our use of high technology and creative ideas, we can guarantee you to have a strong brand image that resonates with your target audience. We know how crucial it is for businesses to have good designs as it creates a lasting impression on viewers. Thus, we put our best efforts into ensuring you get for your business unique design that fits your industry and compliments your brand persona. Join us now to talk with our design experts about your ideas and make them a reality.

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Words From Our Loving Customers

Words From Our Loving Customers

Read what our happy clients are saying.

  • Georgia

    Jack did an excellent job

    Jack Daniel did an excellent job designing a logo for my company. Looking forward to designing web site with him. Jack Daniel did an excellent job designing a logo for my company. Looking forward to designing web site with him. Jack Daniel did an excellent job designing a logo for my company. Looking forward to designing web site with him.

    Sue Sasseen Opt Manager
  • Charm City

    Great find, I'd use them!

    I needed a new logo design for my small business. These guys couldn't have been easier to work with and the result was far beyond my expectation. I needed a new logo design for my small business. These guys couldn't have been easier to work with and the result was far beyond my expectation.

    C. Jeffs Manager
Our Awards

Our Awards

Our Awards

We've recognized globally for successfully creating designs that resonates with our target audience.